Noble Country Furniture

We recently worked closely alongside furniture wholesaler Noble Country Furniture in re-branding their exterior building and truck signage. For the truck, the brief was to create an eye-catching modern design that displayed their handcrafted furniture in an industrial factory setting. Inspired by innovative 3D truck designs we developed a centered perspective to create an illusion component. Text was kept bold yet minimal, allowing the imagery to act as the hero element. To finish the look we applied four panels of Alco panel to each side underneath the vinyl. This gave a flawless and smooth look that was needed to finalise the realistic idea of looking inside a truck.

What a fun and interesting job this has been. With such creative freedom and great constant communication with the client, Noble Country Furniture and ourselves are delighted with the result. Now bystanders do a double take when the truck is on the road, confused as to whether they could really see inside the truck!

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